The reality of wearing a flowy maxi skirt to work

I really like this flowy pink pleated maxi skirt. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it to work and I like the look of maxi skirts and dresses. But, let me explain the reality of wearing this skirt to work – it’s not easy, especially if you live in a city and take public transportation. To go up and down stairs, which I have to do to get on and off my boat to work and into my office building, I had to lift the skirt up a little and walk slowly so that I didn’t trip over it. Then when I was at the office sitting at my desk, I rolled over the skirt at least 5 times, getting it caught on the wheel of my chair. I’m surprised I didn’t rip it.  These hazards won’t stop me from wearing it again, but I just thought I’d share the realities of wearing a skirt like this to work so you’re prepared if you decide to go with this look yourself. Has anyone else run into these issues?

flowy maxi skirt to work

Using Pinterest to buy gifts

We have a joke in my family about not knowing who I get my style from. My parents and my sister have no interest in fashion, but I’ve always been into it.  Naturally, clothes end up making good gifts for me for Christmas and my birthdays, but for as long as I could remember, I have rarely liked the clothes my mom has picked out for me. Until now!

She’s a pretty tech savvy mom, not only on Facebook, but also on Twitter and Pinterest. So this year for my birthday she bought me this striped shirt, the first piece of clothing she has given me that I love! Right when I opened the box, I realized I had pinned this shirt onto my “what to wear to work” Pinterest board. She’s a pretty smart lady looking at what I had pinned to pick out something that I would like. So if you’re ever stumped for what to get someone for a gift, look at their Pinterest boards!

work outfit


Carrie Underwood wears red skinny jeans

This time of year is really confusing for figuring out what to wear to work. It’s too cold for a dress or skirt with bare legs, but too warm for tights or leggings. So between the seasons, I end up wearing a lot of pants to work. Because I’m not a fan of standard business work pants, I end up wearing pants in different colors, like the mint jeans I wore the other day. Carrie Underwood’s outfit here in red J. Brand skinny jeans is a good example of an outfit to wear to work between the seasons. And I love the name of the color of these jeans – lipstick!

carrie underwood outfit

Isabel Lu gray 3/4 sleeve sweater / J. Brand lipstick skinny jeans / brown cowboy boots

Carrie’s pic from denim debutante

How to wear mint green pants to work

There’s something about mint green that I love. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of my favorite ice chocolate chip! Anything in this color is perfect for the spring and summer..whether it’s a mint green necklace or these Blank NYC jeans I got from Marshalls that I’m wearing here. Have you worn something mint green to work?

mint green pants

Nia Vardalos is work ready in a bright pink dress

In honor of Greek Easter which was on Sunday, I thought I’d feature fellow Greek Nia Vardalos in a color very appropriate for spring this year – bright pink! If you’re looking to spruce up your work wardrobe, I recommend you find a dress in this color. It’s very pretty and flattering. ModCloth has a lot of cute bright pink dresses (one of which is below). I also bought one from Marshalls (seen here) last week!

nia vardalos pink dress

Want to buy one of these dresses? The middle dress is from ModCloth, upper right is Rebecca Taylor, and bottom right is Hugo.

What to wear to work when I’m engaged!!

Yup, that’s right! I’m engaged! My boyfriend of 5 years proposed to me Sunday night and I’m still in shock that it’s for real. All of the congrats and well wishes from my family and friends has been overwhelmingly exciting. I’m letting the engagement sink in right now, but will be starting the wedding planning process soon. I’m most excited about finding a venue, booking a photographer and of course..finding the perfect dress!

Here’s what I wore on my first day to work engaged..oh and the ring!

what to wear to work

ASOS peplum top / Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans / Old Navy leopard flats / (fake) pearls from my grandmother / Revlon posh nail polish


My work outfits are back!

My work outfits are back because I was finally back in the office yesterday after being out 7 weeks! In January, on a rainy evening after working late, I slipped and fell outside and broke my arm!  It’s been a very tough past couple months. I’m someone who avoids risky situations for fear that I’ll get hurt, so I’m still in shock that I got hurt so randomly.  The good news is I didn’t need surgery or anything like that..I just needed time and rest and now my bone is healed and I’m onto physical therapy. All of my friends, co-workers, family and especially my boyfriend have been amazingly supportive, so I’m very lucky for that.

It was actually very nice to be dressed up again yesterday in this comfortable Max Studio dress.  I will be honest..I didn’t wear the heels pictured here in the office.  I’m going to be wearing flats for awhile until my paranoia over falling again goes away.

work outfit dress

Max Studio dress / Franco Sarto shoes 

dress closeup

Brittany Snow shows us how to wear a pretty pink blazer

I love Brittany Snow and it’s all because of the show American Dreams, which lasted only a few seasons, but I own it on DVD.  Yup..  She’s of course been in other things since then (John Tucker Must Die) and is all adult now with her cute new bob.  I love her in this pretty pink blazer – a really cute look for work especially as we get closer to spring. If you feel like splurging, I found a similar Stella McCartney blazer on sale for $519.  If you buy it, you have to send me a picture of how you style it :)

Brittany Snow pink blazer

Brittany Snow pic from Zara is the New Black

London work fashion (guest post)

Thanks to Clare from penny for a girl for writing this post!
london work fashion
Inspired by Kristen’s post on wide-leg trousers I thought I’d knock up a little post detailing how I like to wear these lovelies over here in London town. This particular *ahem* understated pair are from Topshop and have got more wear than I ever thought possible when I bought them. Here I’ve teamed them with a 70′s shirt I got in vintage staple-shop Rokit in Covent Garden and a lace waistcoat from Marks & Spencers.
I love these trousers because they are floral, shiny and LOUD but I don’t think that means they can’t be chic or professional. I think we all spent lots of time in our youth working jobs that required polyester-heavy, flammable clothing completely devoid of personality or style. As proper grown-ups, to not inject a little fun into our work-wear I think would be a real shame. Clashing metallics and navy and black – why not? The necklace I’ve teamed this with is from New Look (which isn’t really worth a visit if you’re in town – head to Primark instead, it’s much cheaper and on-the-pulse.) Now I’ve never been a big fan of heels at work – I think you should be ready to spring into action so here I’m wearing flat leather boots from TK Maxx – a brilliant shop that sells a pick’n'mix of discounted labels. The bag is from Accessorize and one of the only ones I own that’s big enough to lug around all my rubbish.
london work fashion 2
For me the important part of dressing for work is remembering that there are a lot of things that you’re not in control of – whether you need to get there via the underground (which in London resembles a tropical rainforest in rush hour), or whether your desk is next to a draught (or the communal biscuit tin – elasticated trousers required!) So my final words – layers are your friends, spandex is not!

Work outfit from the LOFT

So a few months ago was my first time ever going into the LOFT.  I always thought their clothes were too preppy or too old for me.  But I learned that my perceptions were totally off!  The LOFT has tons of cute, trendy, professional clothes and is the perfect place to shop for work clothes!  Here’s one cute outfit all from the LOFT that I’m liking:

Dot print pants / Dark gray top / Pewter ballet flats