Things you should know about different kind of smells

Published On January 18, 2017 | By Ella Looper | Fashion, Featured

It’s a human nature that some places, some people and some smells can give a big impact on their mindset. We don’t actually see this but yeah, these things can really change your mind and mood. And if we talk about smells that woman like in man and vice versa than here is some information for you.

A good fragrance has a major role in seduction, attraction and love in every couple. Every person likes to smell good to others and for that they try different perfumes, deo and many beauty products.

Here are different kinds of smells and their roles


The study says, such smells are perfumery, floral and rosy. Such smells are very light to take but it is natural, it is defined as grassy and herbal smells.

Non Citrus Fruity

When you try these type of smell than you will notice it’s like very smooth and silky. Such smells are made through strawberries, bananas and slices of lemon.


In this category of smell we can include a smell of sour of milk also we can include strong smell of onion and garlic.


Such smells are good for the body in summer as it can give you feeling of coolness from outside as well as from inside. And there is nothing that can beat this smell in the world of fragrances.


Sweet smells are sweet in every manner. It has a direct connection to your tongue. You will get a feeling of thirsty if you are attraction of such smells. Some chocolates, vanillas and many other dairy products have such smells.

There are lot more things to know about smells as there is no limit, and most of the men are buying pheromones for attracting women. As its good fragrance can please your woman and easily attracts you.

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