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Published On May 27, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Fashion

Many women tend to keep black or even bold colored nails for special occasion because of the notion that these colors will not blend in with their daily routines at work or even at a Sunday morning brunch. But it’s time to put those notions to rest, because in this article we will list the top black acrylic trends that you can wear throughout the day, for more information you can visit

Black nails are not considered gothic anymore; they can be styled in a minimal a stylish fashion without having it look over the top. You can play with a minimal and stylish look or a bold and glamorous or even a dramatic and fun style. You can take the look from a board meeting to after work drinks, while keeping your style intact and on fleek. Black nails have become a style essential just like the quintessential little black dress, so if you are a nail design addict then you will want to read the rest of this article.

Now, acrylic nails are the most popular manicure style in the nail beauty industry, always remember to use a liquid monomer to bind the acrylic to the natural nails and then create a strong layer over the natural nails. Once the layer solidifies, you can go ahead and apply the color and design of your choice. The reason many women gravitate towards acrylic nails is because of having weak and brittle nails. Acrylic help nails to grow and not break, but long-term use of these nails can cause damage to the nail bed. So, be very careful on the number of times you decide to use them.

It’s suggested that you take a break occasionally from acrylic nails so that your nails have time to recover. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay away from this trend all the time. Black acrylic nail designs are one of the most statement styles right now; they give you the chance to play with gloss and matte styles while creating simple and dramatic styles.

Listed below are some of the top styles that we have compiled for your nail design preferences:

Sleek gold beaded nails:

The first design on this list is simple and minimal and proves that black nails can be sophisticated too. You can think of this design as a pretty tiara that sits on a princess’s head, This matte black nail paint with dainty gold highlights is perfect for a little edge but along with some royal glam thrown into the mix. This style is great for work and parties as well.

3D Black tie glitternails:

Just being shiny is not enough; along with glitter nails you will need some drama and texture. These black acrylic nails use small beads to give the nails a beautiful 3D effect to your all black design. The light manages to catch the design and creates a beautiful visual interest to an otherwise normal glitter design. Glitter nails may be pretty but 3D glitter is cool and has a creative twist, which is something you don’t see very often.

Midnight garden:

This style is sophisticated and screams elegance, the matte finish of the nails keep the design subtle and the floral design create a mysterious combination of sweet and sassy. This is the perfect design to wear during the day, without it looking over the top.


Hopefully the list and tips on maintaining black acrylic nails and designs will help you out at your next manicure appointment. Always remember to not overdo the style, keep it simple and gorgeous.

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