What Are Your Responsibilities As A Bridesmaid?

Published On March 25, 2017 | By Amanda Martin | Wedding

Being a bridesmaid for the first time can be quite confusing; from setting up the important aspects of the wedding to helping your bride pick out the dress. We all know that every woman feels automatically better if she is wearing something beautiful yet comfortable, which is why you should consider shopping for the bridesmaid dresses in Gold coast.

The first bridesmaid steps

The role of a bridesmaid can sometimes vary, but traditionally it is to support and assist the bride before, during and after the wedding. You are supposed to help your bride stay calm during the wedding while allowing her to bounce ideas off of you before the ceremony has even taken place.

Assisting the bride

The main responsibility that you will have as a bridesmaid is to assist the bride. Other responsibilities that will come later all depend on the wedding and the couple who is getting married. Usually, bridesmaids are close friends or family, so you should already know that you should be there for your bride in her stressful hours.

Helping your bride with her dress before she walks down the aisle

You might also be called to help her choose different items for the wedding, such as flowers and decorations, together with the wedding attire. Sometimes, the bride might want to have a DIY project, and you need to make sure that you are always there to help her out.

Other bridesmaid’s tasks might include maintaining the RSVP list, addressing envelopes and other similar things. Traditionally, bridesmaids are also responsible for hosting and sometimes even paying for a bridal shower or a hen’s party, but if there is a Maid of Honor, she will take the lead in those areas.

On the wedding day, bridesmaids will assist the bride and help her get ready in the morning before the ceremony starts. Then, the bridesmaids will have other formal duties, like walking down the aisle before the bride, carrying her bouquet, fluffing/fixing/primping her veil and dress, and joining the couple for their first dance.

How much money will you spend?

The amount of money that the bridesmaids spend can vary depending on the couple and the size of the wedding. This is something you should take into consideration before you even accept the role of a bridesmaid because sometimes it is expected of you to ‘help out’ in many aspects.

Expect to have many events before the wedding day

As it was said, if there is a Maid of Honor, she will be the one organizing the parties and other formal events, however, if there will only be the bridesmaids, that can change. It might be expected of you to pay for all of the expenses of the bride on her Hen’s party, together with the bridal shower.

Even though you will probably have your dress picked out for you, keep in mind that some brides will not pay for the dresses. You might have to pay for your own dress, no matter the cost, together with your makeup, shoes, accessories and hair.

Final Word

It is important to remember that a wedding ceremony is supposed to be joyful, and since most of the bridesmaids today are either close friends or family members, you know that this day means a lot to your bride.

A lot of memories will be captured on that special day, which is why you should always find the appropriate dress. Even if your daughter is the bride-to-be, you should know that the mother of the bride outfits, will surely satisfy your taste in both the design and quality. Every beautiful lady deserves to be dressed and treated as such.

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