What does your shirt reveal about you?

Published On April 29, 2017 | By Amanda Martin | Clothing

Putting on a shirt is simple, something that you would barely give any thought to when getting ready. However, it’s the small details, such as how you have done up your button, that can give away the most about you and your personality. Here are some points that may make you think more when putting on that shirt.

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Leaving the top button undone

This is the most common way of wearing your shirt buttons. It shows that you don’t want to make too much of a statement, and don’t want to seem too stiff and stuffy. It has become increasing popular as business wear, where it gives the impression that you are professional yet relaxed. Just be careful not to put a strain on the fabric if there is generous space in between your buttons.

Leaving two buttons undone

This shows that you are completely relaxed, a deliberate choice made to make you stand out that bit more. When worn without a tie, all the focus is lead towards your neck and face, which is why this style is often seen as subtle yet seductive. Similarly, leaving cuff buttons undone has a more flamboyant feel than fastening them. Larger collars work well with this option, with the more structured collars more suitable for business, and a collar with a larger roll showing a more casual appearance.

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Buttoned all the way to the top

This style began as more of a statement and has become trendier as the years go on. The omission of a tie provides more of a focal point and may even show your reluctance to fit in with the establishment. However, wearing a slim fit tie with a small collar is quite popular. Mens Farah shirts, such as these http://ejmenswear.com/brands/farah, are a good example of this, with different collar options available.


If you work in a professional role, wearing a shirt, and most likely a tie, is essential to your job. They make you look and feel more professional and help to gain trust. For example, patients were found to complain when doctors dressed down, rather than wearing a shirt and tie.

Choosing how to button your shirt may not seem particularly important, but impressions may actually be formed, based on how you wear your shirt. How do you wear yours?

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