What will men wear this Fall?

Published On August 24, 2017 | By Christina Touchette | Fashion

Our beloved summer is about to finish and this entails the renovation of our closets. So we must start thinking about autumnal clothes and start leaving our swimsuits behind. The beginning of a new season gives way to new colors, fabrics and styles that will have presence in our closet during the next months.

Fashion isn’t only made for women and the amount of men interested in fashion is raising by days. Men who care about their image and take the risk to wearthe classic clothes. One of the strengths this fall will be the combination of accessories. You could buy espadrilles for men and wear some jeans for example, achieving a casual but elegant look at the same time.

This season the style of the 70’s will dominate, where we can find different options depending on the garments.

# 1 Pants

As for pants, men are usually classics and bet on dark blue jeans that match any garment. This is changing as more and more young people are betting on broken pants. This fall, the most prevalent will be wearing Baggy style pants, broken on the knee area.

The perfect combination for these pants would be some booties or shoes, ideal to get a more formal look.

# 2 Shirts

Shirts are a classic in men’s fashion, it’s an element that will never go out of style and that we can use for any type of event.

This year, the trend will continue and the shirts will predominate again.Although we will not see them as we are used to. Plaid shirts, cowboy style ones and shirts with military printswill definitely mark the look of the new season.

# 3 Jackets

Not to be missed, an essential item for this fall willbe jackets. This season, bombers will still dominate, you can find all styles and colors. Anyway, following lasts fall’s trend, the most popular ones will be those with military green combined with some white shoes and sneakers.

# 4 Fabric

Velvet will be the protagonist this fall fabric wise. Although it’s true that it’s not as implanted as in women’s fashion, it can be applied to all the garments you can imagine, from velvet bombers to velvet sneakers. Wool and corduroy will also predominate.

# 5 Footwear

Knowing what kind of footwear to wear on each occasion is very important.

This fall, the sport luxe will predominate, which are a pair of slippers that give a personal touch.The most used ones will be those with thick soles, laces and containing some sport details.

Another trendy footwear for this autumn are the new gentleman style shoes. Ideal dress shoes for a work environment and a perfect combination of materials and details like the Oxford style tip.

To sum up, as we mentioned before the espadrilles will be a strong bet this fall. They are very summery, but in autumn we can still wear them because they are very comfortable and ideal to wear, for example, with jeans.

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